Mary Wollstonecraft  by John Opie   Oil on canvas, circa 1797

Mary Wollstonecraft by John Opie

Oil on canvas, circa 1797



About the curator - Sophie Persson

Sophie Persson is a London-based freelance curator who stumbled on Mary Wollstonecraft's work a number of years ago. Wollstonecraft's writing about equality for women (and men) and the extraordinary example of her life, so bravely lived, has driven this project. Wollstonecraft Presents will encompass different projects, but all with a central focus; working with artists across all artforms to think about her core message and see how it is reflected in the lived experience of artists working today. Wollstonecraft Presents will also work on projects that engage with local communities, through workshops and events, to give bring contemporary bearing on her words, so relevant and needed still today. 

The website will be updated as projects happen. Get in touch with us at, for further information.